10 Reasons It Might Be Time To Switch Commercial Or Residential Waste Removal Services

10 Reasons It Might Be Time To Switch Commercial Or Residential Waste Removal Services

When you are using a private waste removal company, you must be aware of the costs, service, and schedule provided by the company you have chosen. You pay these companies every month or every quarter to remove your trash, but they must offer you a high level of service at a fair price. Here are 10 reasons to change your service listed below. Carefully consider each option if you are not sure what to do.

1. The Company Leaves Trash On The Ground

When your trash is picked up, the handlers should not drop trash on the ground. Of course, it is impossible to do a spotless job 52 weeks a year. However, a company that routinely leaves trash on the ground and refuses to pick it up is a problem. You should report all these problems to the waste removal company, and you should change providers if they do not solve the problem.

2. The Company Misses Pickups

If the company is missing pickups, you must demand a reason why. You are paying for a service to be done, and the company must pick up your trash every week. If you are paying for a service that is not done, you must change providers. In fact, you may refuse to pay because your current provider is not doing what was promised.

3. They Do Not Offer Extra Trash Pickup

You should find a provider that allows you to leave extra trash on the street for a small fee. The company should allow you to leave old rugs, carpeting, and small furniture out for pickup. The company has a right to charge a small fee for these pickups, but they should give you the option. If you cannot get this service from your current provider, you should choose another company, because homeowners do not want to have to go through the trouble of finding a way to get rid of certain trash that their waste removal company will not dispose of.

4. They Do Not Offer A Recycling Service

Recycling is an important part of managing your home, but recycling is a very big part of running your business. You may sell your company to clients as a green business, and you cannot remain a green business if you do not have a recycling service. When choosing to pay for waste removal, you should research the waste removal companies that offer a recycling service before deciding to pay them for their service.

The waste removal company might not even recycle the product they pick up. Companies have been caught charging customers for recycling that was thrown in a landfill. Plus, you should ask the recycling company for a special receptacle that holds all your recycling products. You should not be forced to collect and bag all the recycling yourself without a disposal can.

5. Prices Spike At Random Times

If your waste removal company raises prices at random times, you should change to another provider. You have agreed to a certain price for your trash pickup, and you do not want to be surprised by sudden price hikes. Your family budget depends on low costs, and you cannot afford to pay extra for something that only happens once a week. Moreover, your company pays a lot of money to have several dumpsters picked up every week, and you should not pay more to a company that randomly changes prices.

6. The Drivers Arrive Before Your Cans Should Be On The Street

If you are having a long week, you may forget to move your cans to the street until early in the morning. If you are bringing your cans to the street before the trucks are scheduled to arrive, you have a reasonable expectation that your trash will be picked up. When your trash is not picked up, the waste removal company is not living up their end of your contract.

7. The Company Does Not Pick Up Yard Waste Or Grass Clippings

You must be allowed to bag grass clippings and yard waste. If you cannot leave yard waste for your trash company, you need to find another provider. Companies and homeowners work hard to make their properties look nice. However, you cannot dispose of your yard waste on your own. Make certain that the removal company has a yard waste policy. You should not pay more for yard waste removal, but there can be a limit for weekly yard waste pickup.

8. The Company Does Not Publish Their Holiday Schedule

Every waste removal company you use should have a website that includes their holiday pickup schedule. You need to know precisely when the company will arrive, and they should explain how they adjust their schedule to accommodate federal holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving Easter, and other such holidays. Plus, the company should post an inclement weather policy. The best waste removal companies will call or text you to let you know when your pickup will occur.

9. They Will Not Match Low Prices You Have Found In The Area

Of course, you cannot force your waste removal company to drop their prices. However, you should find a waste removal company that will work with you. If you find a low price in your community, you should have the freedom to report that price to your waste removal company. The company should match that price or offer you a concession.

10. The Company Causes Damage To Your Property

When your waste removal company drives on the curb, knocks over your bushes, or knocks down your mailbox, you should find a new waste removal company. You should use a waste removal company that can safely pick up your dumpster while passing parked cars, driving down a service road, or navigating within a parking lot.

One or more of the reasons above provides validation in changing waste removal services. You should not allow a waste removal company to damage your property, raise your prices for no reason, or miss pickups. You deserve a high level of service, and you should require these companies to offer a competitive service at a competitive price.

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