10 Reasons to Go Green Right Now

10 Reasons to Go Green Right Now

People all over the world have been striving to go green. From reducing over-reliance on plastic products to embracing sustainable energy sources, people have been coming up with effective and sustainable ways that can help them go green. Even though the topic of going green has gained plenty of momentum over the years, there are still dozens of people who aren’t concerned about going green and thus see absolutely no point in embracing this noble concept. Understanding the reasons for going green is perhaps the best way to motivate you and other people to follow this popular eco-friendly trend. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should think of going green right now.

1. It translates into significant savings in energy bills

According to data from the US department of energy, the country would save over $20 billion if all homes and commercial buildings were all eco-friendly. That means going green is ultimately the best way of saving on those skyrocketing energy costs that you incur monthly. Doing small things at home can help complement your green efforts. For instance, you can use solar power for all your heating needs instead of relying on electricity from the national grid. Also, use energy-star rated appliances in your home since these appliances are made with energy-saving in mind. The greener your home is, the fewer energy costs you will incur in the long-run.

2. It enhances the overall value of your home

There is an extremely high demand for green homes among prospective home buyers. Buyers are interested in green homes since they help reduce utility bills and they are also much healthier than ordinary homes. That means making your home green will dramatically boost its value and make it attractive for potential buyers.

3. A green home is more durable

The fact that green homes use sustainable materials doesn’t suggest that these homes wear out quickly. Some of the eco-friendly materials that are used in the construction of these homes, such as wood fibers and recycled plastic can last longer than the materials used in constructing traditional homes. With durable materials, it means you won’t be spending lots of money renovating your home annually.

4. Improved quality of air

Green homes have quality indoor air as opposed to traditional homes. The construction of eco-friendly homes doesn’t entail using volatile organic compounds such as adhesives, cleaners or paints. This doesn’t just translate into improved indoor air quality, but it, more importantly, means reduced exposure to toxic compounds. By making a couple of green updates in your home, you can enjoy clean and high-quality indoor air. Again, green products are devoid of toxins that can potentially ruin your health. When you opt for green home products over their traditional counterparts, you are making your home a toxic-free haven and thus your health together with your family’s health won’t be affected in the long-run.

5. Self-sufficiency

Being eco-friendly will help reduce your reliance on nonrenewable fuel sources alongside other toxic products. As such, you will be self-sufficient and motivated to seek innovative and new ways of saving energy. Above all, you can enjoy a sustainable life upon embracing green living in your everyday life.

6. Going green translates into less global warming

Global warming is a reality no matter how some individuals may dismiss it. Going green is ultimately the surest way the world can combat global warming and save the planet for the many generations to come. Whenever you opt to ride your bike, walk or use public transportation other than driving, you help in lowering the carbon footprint associated with driving vehicles that are powered by diesel or gas. If everybody were to follow such footsteps, this would be instrumental in slowing down global warming. Opting for greener transportation options such as trains over air transportation while traveling for long-distances can tremendously lower your carbon footprint.

7. Going green can increase your happiness

Nothing pleases more than knowing you are making a positive contribution to the world. Going green is one of the surest things anybody can do towards contributing positively to the world. When you have embraced the whole concept of going green, you will generally be a happy person. This will make you feel much better about the people as well as the environment around you. Above all, you will experience a palpable sense of accomplishment for having done something great for the world. No matter how little the eco-friendly effort you are making is, you will always be happy that you have done something worthwhile for the world.

8. It can help save on costly water bills

While water is one of the world’s most precious resources, it isn’t however renewable. Going green is also about being water-conscious. In return, it helps with not just saving on costly water bills, but also in lowering strain on the available water sources. Doing some green updates such as using low-flow sprinklers and installing water-saving plumbing systems can significantly reduce water usage, consequently lowering your water bills in the long-run. Green living is especially recommended for residents hailing from states with tough water-use restrictions.

9. Less waste in the environment

One important aspect of green living is recycling, which is done for purposes of ensuring that no waste goes to the environment. It calls for use of recyclable home products instead of relying on products that can only be used once and then disposed of to the environment. Once you go green, you will generate less waste and hence you will save the earth a vast load of waste annually.

10. Helps with conserving natural resources

The natural resources present today might not be around in the next century if they aren’t conserved appropriately. Green living is also about making resource conservation a top priority. If the entire planet was to embrace green living, it would be easier to conserve the available resources for future generations.

Going green is vital for making a difference in the world. Every person on earth is obliged to go green if at all the concept of green living has any impact. Start living green today and start realizing the many advantages of going green!

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