The Do’s and Don’ts of Waste Management

The Do’s and Don’ts of Waste Management

Waste management is a large and sometimes frightening industry that is difficult for the average person to wrap their head around. A lot of people have many questions about what happens to their waste once it is discarded. If you are among those people with burning questions abut waste management, fret not. Keep reading for everything you need to know about taking out the trash, and recycling for junk removal Boston.

What’s the Difference Between Waste and Recycling?

A lot of people tend to think of trash and recyclable materials as interchangeable, but that could not be further from the truth. In fact, waste, or garbage is refuse that is no longer wanted and no longer useable. If something is recyclable, there are still useable elements in it. For example, you may not want a piece of paper bearing information you no longer need, but it can be bleached and reformed into new, recycled paper.That is a very obvious example, but the possibilities for goods that can be recycled is boggles the mind. Recycling items that can be recycled is just another way of giving them a new life as a completely different, no less useable object.

Will Waste Management Take My Landscaping Refuse?

This is a question that a lot of people have, and if you contact your local office of waste management directly they will be happy to take things like discarded tree branches, grass clippings or raked up leaves. They do, of course, want these materials to already be tidily packaged up. They also heavily advise that you recycle this green waste by starting a compost heap or mulch pit. They have excellent recycling advisors who are on staff to give you pointers and instructions to make one. You can also recycle much of your kitchen waste this way. Junk removal Boston can help you with unwanted items.

Will Waste Management Take Electronics and Batteries?

If you find that you have a TV or some spent batteries lying around that you do not want anymore, try the new Recycle by Mail program that Waste Management has just implemented. It’s called LampTracker and it works to keep harmful mercury from polluting the environment. If you have a lot of electronics, or they are quite heavy you can drive them to a local recycling center that specializes in electronics and batteries. You can recycle a lot of household items that are no longer useful, such as televisions, radios, kitchen appliances or even light bulbs or any junk removal Boston can help with the removal of.

Do I Really Need to Sort Recycling?

Back a few decades, when recycling came to be known as a thing that earth friendly people do, it was important to make sure all of it was assiduously sorted out. Paper had to be away from glass, had to be away from metal. Now, however, it has become far less important to sort out recycling before it is picked up. In fact, a lot of communities have started to implement containers that gather all the recyclable materials, calling them “single stream” systems. However, you should make sure that your recyclable material is away from your general waste product. You would not want the garbage to contaminate the stuff to be recycled.

Will Waste Management Take Household Furniture?

Renovating your home, or ven swapping out a bedroom set for a brand new one is an exciting prospect, but what about the furniture you no longer want nor need? Waste Management does hold a yearly drop-off event in communities across the country where you can deliver large bits of trash to be collected. You can also call your local office directly and set up an appointment to have them come and collect it.

Will Waste Management Collect Items Not Placed in Their Bins?

If that just means a bad of kitchen trash leaning against the side of the bin, of course they will take it. However, there are some hazardous materials that are not to be tossed in the bin, but should be carefully disposed of as per instructions. Very large pieces of waste or electronics should not go in a bin. These should be dropped off at a waste management facility or call to have them picked up. You should also not dispose of harmful chemicals, including pesticides, cleaning solvents and certain construction equipment. It is actually against the law to put these in a bin, as the chemicals in many hazardous materials can react badly with the plastic of the bin.

Will Waste Management Collect Damaged Goods?

The whole point of ‘waste management’ is to take care of the stuff we no longer find to be useful. Even if the trash is a lot heavier because it has been waterlogged and damaged as a result of a flood or other high water incident, waste management will still collect it. One rule of thumb, however, is that you want to make sure all your refuse is tidily packaged up for easier handling. Junk removal Boston can help with this packaging.

How Can I Dispose Of a Cell Phone?

We have all been there, you just got the latest hone, and you want to get rid of your old one but you are not sure how to go about it. There are a ton of charities that will take your old phone and give it new life in the hands of a poor person. Otherwise, you can recycle it by using Waste Management’s LampTracker mail in recycling program, or drop it off at an electronics recycling facility.

Whether you had questions pertaining to the general collection of trash, or leaning more toward the recycling side of things, it is to be hoped that this list of the most frequently pondered questions was helpful to you. You now know what to do in the event that you have some particularly large, heavy or stubborn refuse and you know the now deflated consequence of sorting your recycling by material. Use these bits of knowledge to become an expert at knowing the garbage rules or your community. Junk removal Boston experts can help you. Give us a call today for a free quote.

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