Everything to Know About Summer Sustainability

Everything to Know About Summer Sustainability

Everyone has certain preconceived notions about how to spend the summer and people tend to plan their summers in advance so that they enjoy to the fullest. The idea of having fun is really good but what if people could have fun while taking the best care of themselves and nature? It could be a totally unimaginable scenario that would gradually improve health conditions.

There are many precautions that people should consider taking for an eco-friendly summer. Some of those are listed down below;


When we think of summer, our minds take us to the beaches. It is important to understand the importance of sunscreen when we go to have fun on the beach. Typical sunscreens with harmful chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate bleach the corals and leave their remains on the reefs which are really harmful to the reefs and the aqua life due to which such products should be completely avoided. Opt for something natural and healthier to protect reefs. Hawaii banned the use of such products to protect aqua life on Hanauma Bay and other beaches which is essential.

Stay Hydrated and Healthy by Using Reusable Bottles

With a lot of heat and sweat, it becomes all the more necessary to consume a sufficient quantity of water every day alongside consuming other beverages. People often forget that and end up falling for dehydration issues especially during summer. The use of reusable bottles avoids the unnecessary wastage of plastic and helps to reduce the pollution on roads and beaches. Keep one reusable bottle for yourself and fill that again and again throughout the day. This is important because more than 90% of the plastic bottles that are used every day by people in the world don’t get recycled which remains a big issue. One more benefit of using a reusable bottle is that it keeps the water insulated which plastic fails to do. Such simple choices can make a huge impact gradually on the environment and our health too.

Unplug For A day

This is not a famous practice but people can do it efficiently. Avoid using any electronic device until it is absolutely necessary for one day in a week or in a month to stay with your own self and with your family members. Not using chargers for devices even for a day can effectively add up because electricity is saved and people stay close to nature rather wasting all day on their phones, laptops, TVs, PlayStations, etc. An interesting approach with real application that can help people achieve their targets to live in healthier surroundings.

Dry Clothes Directly From Sunlight

We always complain about how hot the temperature is during summertime. Instead of whining, we can use it to our advantage by drying clothes on a line through direct sunlight which can save a lot of energy that we use while using a dryer. Such smart steps if applied by people throughout the country as per availability and applicability according to different regions can make a difference in the long run as it saves time, energy, and the cost.

Eat at Home

Cut down junk food as much as you can to stay healthier. It is obvious but adapting it to the extent that it becomes a habit is difficult. Increase the intake of veggies and fruits to avoid meat consumption because it is heavy on the fat and cholesterol levels. The digestive system also needs a rearrangement because we don’t give it a break at all. Decreasing meat consumption for a few days/weeks can prove effective for the body. Drink more fluids and exercise more at home to increase thirst to stay fit, active, and healthy.

Reduce the Usage of Vehicle

Vehicles emit pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides which are harmful to the environment and that is the reason people should walk small distances. Not only does that reduce the level of pollution but it also makes people healthier as no exercise is better than regular walking. It is understandable that people want to save time but they can try this during the weekends and on days when they are sitting idle at their homes, trying to figure out what they need from a supermarket or a grocery store.

Clean Camping

Many people go camping during the summer to make the most out of their vacations and that is why it is entirely more essential to comprehend the need to follow a “Clean Camping” method which means that you don’t leave a trace of waste from the moment you leave your home until the moment you step back. This kind of campaign does not require much hard work but only the presence of mind in individuals that go camping.

Go Easy On The AC

This point is controversial that makes people furious but I think people should not risk the environment for extra comfort. It becomes a habit to use ACs after a while so to avoid as using AC as much as you can will save a lot of electricity as you might already know and one more benefit would be that your body temperature would be more familiar with that of nature rather than setting the temperature just for comfort and then facing the real world which becomes difficult after a certain point.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

After taking such precautions and consistently observing your steps to monitor yourself and the surroundings, the most important thing is to enjoy the summer days. Go biking, hiking, or for a skinny dip in a lake. Plan such outings with your friends and family to optimize the time and forget about everything else.

It is our responsibility to conserve our surroundings and use it to our benefits in a way that ensures complete sustainability during summer. Adapting to eco-friendly ways in such crucial times is the perfect way to go. All these points stated above should be considered and used to make the lives of people easier by strengthening the core values that nature offers. These points save a lot of money, energy, and time which is ultimately what we all want, right? If you’re compelled to make your home more sustainable by doing some Summer de-cluttering, dumpster rental East Boston experts can help you. Contact us today to learn more.

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