5 Signs That You Hired The Wrong Recycling Company and Why You Should Look To Jet A Way Instead

5 Signs That You Hired The Wrong Recycling Company and Why You Should Look To Jet A Way Instead

There is a psychology to hiring someone. Sometimes there is an internal niche spot you need to fill. Other times there is something faulty within the hiring system (something the company may or may not be aware of). Sometimes if you are not aware of all of the minute details about an employee or company that you are thinking about hiring it can lead to problems and turnover later down the road. Or, the alternative might be that there is a problem somewhere in the hiring system and you have not taken the proper steps to fix it.

The Psychology Behind A Bad Hire
“The definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting different results every time”.

You cannot expect your hiring process to change unless you make the necessary changes first. The first step is to identify the wrong person and company before you agree to hire them. By becoming aware of problems with your current hiring system and decisions you can then take the steps necessary to make better hiring decisions.

Here are five things to recognize that you have hired the wrong recycling company  

1) Do you notice that every time workers come to pick up your recyclables that there is negative energy coming from them and they just seem like they hate their job? Do the employees have an attitude every time they come to pick up your recyclables and just throw your bins around?

No one will be 100% happy every day. However, every job is necessary and has a dignity of its own, especially junk removal Boston. That is why you should pay close attention to the recycling team that comes to provide the service. The employees should greet you if you are outside, and should put your recycling bins back the way they found them, not just throw them back on the curb. Some people argue that negativity has nothing to do with the job, and they are there to pick up the recycling, nothing more. The attitude the company shows while on the job says a lot.

2) The company has no idea why they are there. Some people look at a job as “just another paycheck”. That is the wrong approach. It also connects with number one. A company should show some enthusiasm for the work it does because they realize their work is an integral part of society. One great example is someone who joins a recycling company because they have a passion for saving the environment.

Not everyone is going to share the same passion for their work, but everyone should go about their job with some sense of purpose. They should feel and act as if they know that their job is contributing (in some small way) to saving the planet. Anyone who shows up not knowing why they are there or what to do is a red flag you made the wrong hire.

3) Does the company show their employees how valuable they are? You can see if an employee feels appreciated by the way they carry themselves and conduct business. It is more than just being told: “you are doing a good job”. Employees need more than a pat on the back. They need incentives like bonuses, paid vacations, and family leaves.

Start asking the people who come to collect some questions. Ask them about everything from promotions to appreciation week. Employee appreciation is a big part of job satisfaction. Employee satisfaction also comes from how the employee themselves feels they are treated and valued by the customer. There is a psychology to everything. Happiness and job satisfaction are contagious. Employees who are not appreciated by the company are not going to show enthusiasm for the job, and you want to make sure that you are getting the best attitude and service provided to you from the company that you pay for junk removal Boston.

4) Does the recycling team brag about what they do?

“I do not care what he or she does for a living, just as long as they are happy”.

Most times, whenever someone is very satisfied with the job they do or loves the company they work for, they talk about whenever they get the chance to. Anytime you come across someone who downplays their involvement with a company or gets embarrassed if you bring it up, it is a red flag that something is wrong.

An Example
You are looking to hire a new recycling company for junk removal Boston. The last one you hired just did not work out. You are out one-day running errands and you run into one of the men who come to pick up your recycling, and you get caught in conversation.

You begin by explaining you know who he is and you want to talk about a job. If he starts to squirm and get embarrassed when you bring up his last company, he probably is not having the greatest experience with the company. Otherwise, the guy might be more open and proud of the work he did. In this case, it is not the work that he does, but rather the company he works for.

5) You hired a company and noticed that most of the staff do not share the core company values. The staff should believe in the company values without having to be forced.

Jet A Way Direct

Why deal with the headaches above when you can hire a company that cares about the work they do and its staff, like Jet A Way for junk removal Boston. You can now start looking for the cure because you understand some of the underlying symptoms. You cannot just take care of the symptoms without taking care of the core.

Stop the madness. Break the hiring cycle and start looking in the right direction for junk removal Boston. Head over to and start looking for a cure.

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